Industry Sector Value Chain Maps & Trends

Get a feel for where your company might fit in the various value chains in Wisconsin clusters and industry sectors. Understand the trends happening in the marketplace.

View the Industry Sector Value Chain Maps for a core understanding of the sector flow of goods and services. Each featured Industry Cluster Value Chain Map has a list of Input and Output Categories which unfold to reveal the names and addresses of the individual businesses in Wisconsin that are in each category. You can also get a sense of supplier growth trends by viewing the Value Chain graphic maps for each sector shown below. 

Please Note: Each one of the main-featured supply chain maps (with the larger icons) below contain a tremendous amount of data, and therefore may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient as records load and plot on the map. 

Additional Value Chain Trend Maps

  Chemical Graphic.png   Business Services graphic.png    Local Educ Graphic.png    Electronics-IT graphic.png   Small Electric Engine Graphic.png    Local Gov Graphic.png   Lakeshore-LICI.png